Helpful Tips to Become a Better Mountain Biker

Mountain Biking pic

Mountain Biking

Keefe Gorman is currently working as managing director of investments at Merrill Lynch. He graduated in 1984 as a Vilas Scholar from St. Lawrence University with a bachelor of arts in economics. For hobbies, Keefe Gorman of Merrill Lynch enjoys wakeboarding, motorcycles, water skiing, and mountain biking.

A few tips will help someone become a better mountain biker. When riding through corners, down rock faces, and up steep inclines, it’s crucial to move on the bike. While climbing, shift body weight forward. Shift all weight back while descending to keep balanced and to avoid being pitched over the handlebars. Also, rather than slamming on the brakes, feather them. This technique helps control speed while riding the trail and will allow for more effective stopping.

In addition, which bike one chooses is important. Often times, a bike is purchased because of the brand and specifications. However, what is most vital is to purchase the right bike for someone’s body size and skill level. It’s important for someone to know how they ride now and how they want to start riding in the future. A specialty retailer can help find a bike that is a perfect match for someone’s style as well as to the terrain where someone lives.


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