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April 25, 2016

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – The Therapy Acceleration Program

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society pic

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Keefe Gorman, a wealth management advisor with nearly 30 years of experience, serves as the managing director of investments at Merrill Lynch in Ithaca, New York. In addition to his role at Merrill Lynch, Keefe Gorman supports a number of nonprofit organizations including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).

The Therapy Acceleration Program (TAP) created by the LLS provides funding for research projects exploring new discoveries in the field of blood cancer treatment, diagnosis, and care. TAP is made up of three divisions that award grants to different research approaches.

-The Academic Concierge Division provides support to academic institutions undertaking cancer research. Current projects include a study with Johns Hopkins University to determine if immune system alteration can help patients with multiple myeloma.

-The Biotechnology Accelerator Division supports companies in various stages of developing new cancer treatment options. The division is funding a clinical study of a new treatment for elderly patients with leukemia.

-The Clinical Trials Division helps pair patients with relevant clinical trials. With growing enrollment around the country, more patients are able to participate in these studies. The division works with 11 institutions across the United States.

April 8, 2016

A Brief Synopsis of USSA’s Freestyle & Freeskiing Sport Committee

US Ski and Snowboard Association pic

US Ski and Snowboard Association

Considered among the best brokers in the United States by Barron’s Magazine, Keefe Gorman leads as managing director of investments at Merrill Lynch. Aside from Merrill Lynch, he enjoys snow skiing. Keefe Gorman, a former professional, maintains membership with the US Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA).

The USSA offers five sports committees dedicated to planning and developing snow programs for its members. Among the groups is the Freestyle & Freeskiing Sport Committee (FFSC), which works in partnership with USSA and its chief executive officer to shape activities.

The FFSC consists of USSA freestyle and freeskiing members who are eligible to represent the group in a variety of capacities, including freestyle or freeskiing program director; aerials, moguls, or skicross subcommittee chairs; and USSA board, International Ski Federation (FIS), or divisional representatives. With the exception of at-large members and athlete representatives, each role serves a two-year term. All have similar goals of instilling policies and strategies that promote the sports of freestyle and freeskiing and comply with FIS regulations. Committee members must meet, at minimum, once a year to discuss programs and vote on amendments.